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House Bill 1118

House Bill 1118

ARCHIVE (2010)

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DIGEST OF HB 1118 (Updated January 26, 2010 2:33 pm - DI 69)

Nuisance actions by community organizations. Allows a community organization within whose specific geographic boundaries a nuisance exists to bring an action under the laws governing: (1) general nuisance actions, if the community organization does not interfere with the right of a private individual to bring an action to abate or enjoin a private nuisance; (2) actions for indecent nuisances; and (3) actions for drug nuisances; as applicable. Makes the drug nuisance law consistent with the indecent nuisance law by adding the attorney general to the list of prosecuting officials that may bring an action under the drug nuisance law. Defines "nuisance" for purposes of the unsafe building law. Allows a civil action under the unsafe building law to be initiated before the final date of an order or an extension of an order requiring: (1) the completion; or (2) a substantial beginning toward accomplishing the completion; of the remedial action required by the order. Allows a community organization to initiate a civil action under the unsafe building law if the enforcement authority for the county or municipality has filed a civil action regarding the unsafe premises. (Current law prohibits a community organization from initiating a civil action if the enforcement authority has filed an action.) Provides that a community organization must provide notice of its intention to file a civil action under the unsafe building law at least 30 days (rather than 60 days under current law) before commencing the action. Eliminates the requirement that the notice must be given to the enforcement authority.
Current Status:
Defeated - first House
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