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House Bill 1190

House Bill 1190

ARCHIVE (2010)

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Advanced renewable energy contracts. Requires a person that operates an electric grid to: (1) provide priority interconnections between renewable energy facilities and the grid operator's grid; (2) transmit on a priority basis electricity generated by renewable energy facilities that are connected to its grid; and (3) perform necessary grid upgrades to enable the interconnection of renewable energy facilities. Provides that the costs associated with connecting a renewable energy facility to a grid shall be borne by the operator of the renewable energy facility (facility operator). Provides that the costs of any necessary grid updates shall be borne by the grid operator. Requires an energy utility to enter into a contract for the purchase of electricity generated by a renewable energy facility upon the request of the facility operator. Provides that the contract must be for a term of at least 20 years (or at least 40 years for a hydropower facility) and must require the energy utility to purchase electricity from the renewable energy facility: (1) on a priority basis; and (2) at a rate that is not less than the applicable renewable energy rate at the time the contract is entered into. Requires the utility regulatory commission (IURC) to develop and make available a standard contract for use by energy utilities in entering into contracts with facility operators. Provides that an energy utility's obligation to enter into a contract with a facility operator ends after June 30, 2030. Sets forth specific renewable energy rates for electricity generated from the following renewable energy resources: (1) Hydropower. (2) Biogas, other than landfill gas or sewage treatment gas. (3) Landfill gas or sewage treatment gas. (4) Geothermal energy. (5) Wind energy. (6) Solar energy. For each renewable energy resource
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In Committee - first House
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