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House Bill 1246

House Bill 1246

ARCHIVE (2010)

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Wireless E911 fees. Abolishes the wireless enhanced 911 advisory board (board) as of July 1, 2010. Transfers responsibility for maintaining and improving a statewide enhanced 911 network from the from the board to the department of homeland security (department). Provides that the amount of the wireless emergency enhanced 911 fee is $0.50 per month for each telephone number assigned to a commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) subscriber whose place of primary use is in Indiana. Provides that fees collected by CMRS providers after June 30, 2010, shall be remitted to the department of state revenue, rather than the board, for deposit in the wireless emergency telephone system fund. Provides that after June 30, 2010, the part of the fees that are: (1) collected by the state and remaining after the required distributions to counties; and (2) deposited into an escrow account by the treasurer of state; shall be used by the department to maintain and improve a statewide enhanced 911 network. Requires a seller of prepaid wireless telecommunications service to collect at the point of sale an enhanced prepaid wireless charge (charge) of $0.25 per retail transaction. Requires the seller to remit the charge to the department of state revenue for deposit in the wireless emergency telephone system fund. Specifies how the charges that are collected and deposited in the fund are to be distributed. Repeals provisions: (1) establishing the board; and (2) providing for the recovery of certain costs incurred by CMRS providers before July 1, 2005, to implement wireless E911. Repeals other provisions made obsolete by the elimination of the board.
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In Committee - first House
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