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House Bill 1258

House Bill 1258

ARCHIVE (2010)

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DIGEST OF HB1258 (Updated February 2, 2010 5:10 pm - DI 84)

Animal regulation. Requires a retail pet store to provide each person who purchases a dog or cat with a written sales disclosure form describing the animal's history, and requires the retail pet store to transmit a copy of the sales disclosure form to the board of animal health. Provides that a pet store must post certain information concerning the animal's history on the animal's cage. Makes the failure to provide a sales disclosure form or the failure to post information on the animal's cage a Class C infraction. Makes promoting an animal fighting contest a predicate offense under the racketeering statute. Makes attending an animal fighting contest a Class D felony. Repeals an inconsistent animal fighting contest provision. Requires a person having care or custody of an equine to provide the equine with access to shelter providing protection from weather extremes and that is free from standing water, and makes the failure to provide an equine with access to appropriate shelter a Class B infraction for the first offense, and a Class A infraction for subsequent offenses.
Current Status:
In Committee - 2nd House
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