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House Bill 1316

House Bill 1316

ARCHIVE (2010)

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Use of engineered lumber. Requires, after June 30, 2011, a newly constructed Class 1 or Class 2 structure to have a placard affixed to it that indicates whether the structure uses engineered lumber. Requires the fire prevention and building safety commission (commission) to adopt rules creating requirements governing: (1) the design of a placard that identifies engineered lumber and the location in the structure; and (2) the location of the placard. Requires a city, town, or county (unit) to issue placards. Provides that a building permit may not be issued unless the applicant is issued a placard from the unit. Prohibits a unit from approving a structure on final inspection or issuing a certificate of occupancy, unless a placard is affixed to the structure. Requires a local agency issuing a building permit to send written notification to the local fire department that has jurisdiction in the area where the structure is located of the following: (1) The street address of the property. (2) The name of the township and county in which the structure is located. (3) The types of engineered lumber used. (4) The location of the engineered lumber. Requires the chief of the fire department or the chief's designee to: (1) provide the information to the local emergency dispatch center; (2) post the information for all emergency personnel; (3) provide the information to any fire department providing mutual aid; and (4) add the structure to the inspection file. Requires the local emergency dispatch center to maintain information on each property. Requires the dispatcher to notify the responding units of the information. Requires an owner to maintain a placard affixed to the structure for the life of the structure. Allows a unit to adopt an ordinance regulating the installation and maintenance of placards on structures and providing a civil penalty, if the ordinance does not conflict with state law.
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In Committee - first House
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