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Senate Bill 0030

Senate Bill 0030

ARCHIVE (2010)

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DIGEST OF SB 30 (Updated March 10, 2010 2:13 pm - DI 116)

Various PERF and TRF matters. Provides that certain members of the public employees' retirement fund (PERF) and the Indiana teachers' retirement fund (TRF) may withdraw the member's annuity savings account (ASA) if the member has separated employment and is not employed in a covered position for 30 days. (Current law provides that such members must have separated employment and not be in a covered position for 90 days.) Removes the requirement that certain members must be either a member of: (1) PERF after December 31, 2008; or (2) TRF after June 30, 2009; in order to request a distribution from the member's ASA. Authorizes the PERF and TRF to adopt rules to allow a member that designates more than one beneficiary to allocate benefit shares in percentage increments. Provides that, before July 1, 2012, an active member of the 1977 police officers' and firefighters' pension and disability fund (1977 fund) who is eligible to receive an unreduced retirement benefit may elect to receive at retirement a partial lump sum distribution equal to the member's monthly benefit times the member's years of creditable service in exchange for an actuarially reduced monthly benefit. Provides that an annual cost of living adjustment for monthly retirement benefits received by a member or survivor of the 1977 fund may not be used to decrease the member's monthly benefit. Requires the PERF board of trustees, one time before January 1, 2015, and every five years thereafter, to evaluate statewide physical and mental examination standards used by the 1977 fund. Eliminates references to the treasurer of state's duties concerning the following pension funds administered by the public employees' retirement fund (PERF): (1) Legislators' retirement system. (2) Judges' retirement system. (3) Prosecuting attorneys retirement fund. (4) 1977 police officers' and firefighters' retirement and disability fund. (In 2009 the treasurer of state's role as treasurer of PERF was eliminated and those duties were assigned to the PERF board and executive director.) Provides that a PERF or TRF member may petition the board of trustees of the member's fund (board) to correct an error in a determination of the member's: (1) creditable service; or (2) benefit; at any time. Provides that if the board does not find an error in the determination and the member petitioned the board within six years after the determination, the member may appeal the board's decision under the administrative orders and procedures law. Updates language concerning the TRF board's distribution of TRF's investment earnings. Makes a technical correction to resolve conflicting language. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the pension management oversight commission.)
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