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Senate Bill 0124

Senate Bill 0124

ARCHIVE (2010)

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Corporal punishment by parents. Specifies that a parent or guardian of a child has legal authority to: (1) apply reasonable force to a child; or (2) impose reasonable confinement on a child; if the parent or guardian believes that the reasonable force or confinement is necessary for the proper control, training, or education of the child. Provides that the following factors are relevant in determining whether force or confinement is reasonable: (1) The age of the child. (2) The sex of the child. (3) The physical and mental condition of the child. (4) The nature of the child's misbehavior and the child's motive for the misbehavior. (5) The influence that the child's example may have on other children of the same family or group. (6) Whether the force or confinement is reasonably necessary and appropriate to compel obedience to a proper command. (7) Whether the force or confinement is disproportionate to the misbehavior, unnecessarily degrading, or likely to cause serious or permanent harm.
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    In Committee - first House
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