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Senate Bill 0159

Senate Bill 0159

ARCHIVE (2010)

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Technical corrections. Resolves: (1) conflicts between differing 2009 amendments to Indiana Code sections; and (2) other technical problems in the Indiana Code, including incorrect statutory references, the presence in the Code of provisions that have expired by their own terms, nonstandard tabulation, the presence in the Code of references to sections that have been or are being repealed, grammatical problems, the absence of words needed for sense, and misspellings. Repeals certain sections of the Indiana Code that: (1) have expired by their own terms; (2) define certain terms for the purposes of other statutes that were previously repealed; (3) have no purpose apart from their relation to other statutes that have been repealed; (4) are repealed to resolve a conflict involving the enactment of different text at the same location in the Indiana Code; or (5) are repealed to correct errors concerning the alphabetical order of definitional provisions. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the code revision commission.)
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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