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Senate Bill 0244

Senate Bill 0244

ARCHIVE (2010)

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DIGEST OF SB 244 (Updated February 1, 2010 7:31 pm - DI 103)

Alcoholic beverage wholesalers. Allows a beer and wine wholesaler to wholesale liquor, if: (1) the liquor primary source of supply has been the wholesaler's primary source of supply for wine for at least ten years; and (2) the brand of liquor that the beer wholesaler intends to wholesale has not been distributed in the state for more than two years immediately preceding the first sale of the liquor to the holder of the beer wholesaler's permit. Provides that if a primary source of supply terminates or reduces a liquor wholesaler's distribution rights of a brand, the wholesaler that receives the distribution rights (successor wholesaler) must compensate the terminated wholesaler for the fair market value of the lost distribution rights, less any amount paid to the original wholesaler by the primary source of supply for the distribution rights to the discontinued brand. Provides that unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, if the successor wholesaler does not compensate the terminated wholesaler within a specified period of time, either party may submit the matter to arbitration.
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    2nd Reading in Progress
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