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Senate Bill 0317

Senate Bill 0317

ARCHIVE (2010)

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Bail. Provides that an undertaking for bail expires 36 months after the undertaking is posted for the release of a defendant from custody if: (1) the defendant fails to appear as required; and (2) the court fails to make an adjudication concerning the defendant, including refusing to extradite the defendant; during the 36 month period. Requires sureties and bail agents to establish and maintain electronic mail addresses before May 1, 2010. Provides that if a defendant does not appear as provided in a bond and the court orders the bail agent and the surety to surrender the defendant to the court, the clerk may send notice of the order by electronic mail to the bail agent and surety. Reduces the amount of time that a surety and bail agent have to produce a defendant or provide a valid reason for the defendant's failure to appear from 365 days to 180 days. Provides that a court must release the bail agent and surety from liability from a bond if a defendant is arrested before the court enters judgment on the forfeiture of the bond and the court has actual knowledge that the defendant was or is in the custody of the United States pending deportation from the United States. Changes the period used to assess late surrender fees against a surety and bail agent. Specifies the late surrender fee is equal to 80% of the face value of the bond. Provides that costs resulting from a defendant's failure to appear may not be assessed against a bail agent or surety. Provides that the court in which a bond is posted retains late surrender fees instead of the fees being deposited in police pension trust funds and county extradition funds. Specifies that the retained fees must be used by a court to defray the costs of operating the court, extraditing criminal defendants, and operating diversion programs. Repeals the law establishing county extradition funds on July 1, 2012.
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    In Committee - first House
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