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Senate Bill 0340

Senate Bill 0340

ARCHIVE (2010)

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DIGEST OF SB 340 (Updated March 12, 2010 4:34 pm - DI 106)

Parole board duties, community corrections, and bail. Makes conducting a community investigation by the parole board mandatory for certain individuals. Reduces the standard period of parole from two years to one year unless the parolee: (1) is a repeat parolee; (2) is being placed on parole for a conviction for a crime of violence; (3) is a sex offender; or (4) has violated a DOC rule in the six months prior to release. Provides that department of correction (department) rules concerning the maintenance of order and discipline among committed persons applies to persons placed in a community corrections program or assigned to a community transition program. Repeals a provision that requires a county that receives a grant from the department commissioner for the establishment and operation of a community corrections program to be charged a sum for certain persons committed to the department and confined in a state correctional facility. Requires that a community corrections plan must include a method to evaluate each component of the program to determine the overall use of department approved best practices for the program. Provides that the department must require community corrections programs to submit an evaluation of the use of department approved best practices for community correction program components in proposed budget requests. Provides that, for the purposes of the law concerning home detention, a home includes the residence of another person who is not part of the social unit formed by an offender's immediate family. Establishes certain standards and criteria for direct placement of offenders in community corrections programs. Specifies that, for purposes of the law concerning direct placement in community corrections programs: (1) "home" means the actual living area of the temporary or permanent residence of a person; and (2) a person who is placed in a community corrections program under the law is entitled to earn credit time. Allows a person to be deprived of credit time for violating a rule or condition of a community corrections program. Makes changes to the Indiana bail law concerning: (1) notices to sureties and bond agents; and (2) failure to appear. Provides that the requirement that courts include the costs of incarceration in a sentencing order expires June 30, 2012. Urges the legislative council to assign to the sentencing policy study committee the issue of whether a court should include the costs of incarceration in a sentencing order.
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