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Senate Bill 0356

Senate Bill 0356

ARCHIVE (2010)

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DIGEST OF SB356 (Updated March 8, 2010 1:50 pm - DI 84)

Professional licensing. Establishes procedures for the attorney general to seize, secure, store, and destroy abandoned or at risk health records and other records containing personally identifying information. Creates a health records and personal identifying information protection trust fund to pay for costs associated with securing and maintaining the records. Allows a criminal history check for employees of home health agencies and personal services agencies to be provided through a private agency. Removes the July 1, 2010 expiration that allows limited criminal histories to be used for employees of home health agencies and personal services agencies. Establishes a uniform procedure to allow a board of a regulated occupation to issue a cease and desist order to an unlicensed person who engages in an activity that requires a license. Repeals and makes conforming changes concerning cease and desist and injunction orders. Merges and changes membership on the cosmetology and barber boards. Relocates barber statutes. Prohibits a person from professing to be a social worker unless the person is licensed as a social worker. Establishes a mental health counselor associate license. Establishes a water well driller and water well pump license. Prohibits a person from installing a water well pump unless the person is licensed. Allows persons who meet certain qualifications to be issued a water well driller and water well pump license without taking the examination. Establishes a continuing education requirement for a water well driller and water pump installer licensee. Eliminates the controlled substances advisory committee and transfers responsibilities to the Indiana board of pharmacy. Provides for automatic revocation of controlled substances permit if a physician's license is revoked. (Current law requires a separate administrative process to take place if physician's license is revoked.) Provides that at a retail pharmacy a controlled substance may not be dispensed to a person who is not personally known to the pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or person authorized by a pharmacist to dispense a controlled substance unless the person taking possession of the controlled substance provides documented proof of the person's identification. Requires the Indiana scheduled prescription electronic collection and tracking program's (INSPECT) data base to include information on a controlled substance recipient's method of payment for the controlled substance dispensed. Allows INSPECT information to be released to the following: (1) state toxicologist; (2) the Medicaid retrospective and prospective drug utilization review program; and (3) a substance abuse assistance program for certain licensed health care providers. Provides criminal and civil immunity for a practitioner who in good faith provides information to a law enforcement agency based on a report from INSPECT. Requires certain boards to establish prescribing norms and dispensing guidelines for the unsolicited dissemination of INSPECT exception reports to certain persons. Repeals laws concerning the certification of environmental health specialists and licensure of hypnotists. Requires the health finance commission to study the issue of paramedic licensure. Makes conforming changes.
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