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House Bill 1001

House Bill 1001

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF HB 1001 (Updated April 29, 2011 10:43 pm - DI 51)

Budget bill. Appropriates money for capital expenditures, the operation of the state, the delivery of Medicaid and other services, and various other distributions and purposes. Permits an action to recover a civil penalty from a member of the general assembly who is absent from the member's chamber with the result that the member's body is unable to form a quorum. Defines travel expenses for purposes of lobbyist reporting laws. Provides for disposition of an excess state reserve. Updates references to the Internal Revenue Code and decouples Indiana from certain changes made to federal income tax law. Changes deductions and credits. Requires certain tax preparers to electronic file returns. Changes the distribution formula for cigarette tax, sales tax, and racino assessments. Provides additional information to local units concerning local income tax collections and changes the method of calculating supplemental distributions. Makes changes in the distribution of revenue from certain food and beverage taxes and innkeeper's taxes. Indicates when the Allen County supplemental food and beverage tax expires. Reorganizes the state public employee civil service. Makes changes in retirement benefit programs for certain state public safety employees. Limits the term of future port commission bonds to 25 years. Permits the issuance of refunding bonds to extend the payment period for certain bonds. Terminates and transfers responsibilities of the family and social services committee, the Indiana tobacco use prevention and cessation executive board, and the community residential facilities council. Permits the issuance of alcoholic beverage permits in certain smaller cities. Limits medical expense liability for inmates. Makes changes in the Medicaid program and other health benefit programs, the first steps program, higher education scholarship programs, dual credit programs, and the Indiana comprehensive health insurance association (ICHIA) policy program. Imposes a moratorium on new Medicaid beds. Authorizes the adoption of emergency rules for programs administered by the family and social services administration. Makes changes related to distributions to hospitals. Provides for a quality assurance fee on nursing homes and hospitals. Establishes the council on Evansville state hospitals. Provides for infant screening. Makes changes related to collective bargaining of school employees, vacation leave for deaf and blind school employees, textbook reimbursement, and other education provisions. Provides for turnaround academies. Provides a tuition support distribution formula for public elementary and high schools. Specifies a schedule for establishment of recommended limits on higher education tuition and fee increases. Mandates participation of universities in the state health plan if required by the budget agency. Makes changes in university capital project procedures. Makes changes in the department of child services guardianships. Changes court fees. Freezes salaries of legislators, and permits increases in judicial salaries only if approved by the chief justice. Provides for a thirteenth check to certain retired public employees. Extends the time in which to repay a loan to the public deposit insurance fund. Exempts meals served at a legislative meeting from gross retail tax. Provides for various studies. Makes other changes.
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