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Session Information - Action List: House Bill 1109

Action List: House Bill 1109

ARCHIVE (2011)

Authors:  Gutwein, Grubb, Reske, Soliday

DateChamber   Action
01/06/2011 H     Authored by Representative Gutwein
01/06/2011 H     First reading: referred to Committee on Roads and Transportation
01/11/2011 H     Representatives Soliday and Reske added as coauthors
01/13/2011 H     Committee report: amend do pass, adopted
01/18/2011 H     Second reading: ordered engrossed
01/20/2011 H     Third reading: passed; Roll Call 15: yeas 95, nays 0
01/20/2011 H     Referred to the Senate
01/20/2011 H     Senate sponsors: Senators Wyss and Paul
01/20/2011 H     Representative Grubb added as coauthor
02/17/2011 S     First reading: referred to Committee on Homeland Security, Transportation and Veterans Affairs
02/17/2011 S     Senator Zakas added as cosponsor
03/08/2011 S     Committee report: do pass, adopted
03/10/2011 S     Senators Arnold, Charbonneau and Schneider added as cosponsors
03/14/2011 S     Second reading: amended, ordered engrossed
03/14/2011 S     Amendment 1 (Breaux), prevailed;
03/15/2011 S     Third reading: passed; Roll Call 274: yeas 49 and nays 0
03/15/2011 S     Returned to the House with amendments
04/25/2011 H     House dissented from Senate amendments
04/25/2011 H     House conferees appointed: Gutwein and Reske
04/25/2011 H     House advisors appointed: Borders, Dermody and Grubb
04/26/2011 S     Senate conferees appointed: Wyss and Arnold
04/26/2011 S     Senate advisors appointed: Tomes and Paul
04/27/2011 H     House reconsidered and concurred in Senate amendments; Roll Call 681: yeas 97, nays 0
04/29/2011 H     Signed by the Speaker
04/29/2011 S     Signed by the President Pro Tempore
05/04/2011 S     Signed by the President of the Senate
05/09/2011 H     Signed by the Governor
05/16/2011 H     Public Law 118
05/16/2011 H     Effective 07/01/2011