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House Bill 1238

House Bill 1238

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF HB 1238 (Updated April 29, 2011 9:43 pm - DI 113)

Advocacy with public funds. Provides that during the period beginning with the adoption of a resolution by a school corporation to place a school levy referendum question on the ballot and continuing through the day on which the referendum is submitted to the voters, the school corporation may not promote a position on the referendum by taking certain actions. Provides that a political subdivision may not artificially divide a capital project into multiple capital projects in order to avoid the requirements of the petition and remonstrance process. (Under current law, such a prohibition applies under the capital projects referendum statutes.) Provides that the ballot language for a capital project referendum must first be approved by the department of local government finance (DLGF). (Under current law, the DLGF makes recommendations concerning the ballot language.) Provides that the language of a school referendum levy question to be submitted to voters must first be approved by the DLGF. Prohibits a person or organization that provides goods or services to a school corporation under contract from spending money to promote a position on a school corporation's capital project petition and remonstrance, capital project referendum, or referendum tax levy, unless: (1) the person is an employee of the school corporation whose employment is governed by a collective bargaining contract or employment contract; or (2) the person or organization has a contract with a school corporation solely for the use of the school corporation's facilities. Provides that if a referendum levy is approved by the voters in a school corporation in a calendar year, another referendum levy question may not be placed on the ballot in the school corporation in the following calendar year. Provides that if a school corporation imposes a referendum levy approved in a referendum, the school corporation may not simultaneously impose more than one additional referendum levy approved in a subsequent referendum. Provides that advocacy or discussion by certain officials concerning a petition and remonstrance or referendum is allowed and is not considered a use of public funds. Prohibits an employee of a school corporation from initiating discussion of a petition and remonstrance or referendum at a meeting between a teacher and parents of a student regarding the student's performance or behavior at school. Provides that an official of a political subdivision who is authorized to discuss or advocate for or against a petition or remonstrance or a referendum may be assisted by an employee of the political subdivision. Removes the county fiscal body from the school referendum levy process. Provides that the county fiscal body is not required to certify the referendum question. Repeals a superseded provision.
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