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House Bill 1273

House Bill 1273

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF HB 1273 (Updated April 29, 2011 9:26 pm - DI 101)

Defines health care provider for purposes of the statute authorizing the attorney general to take certain actions with respect to abandoned health records and other records containing personal information. Provides that it is an unfair practice for an automotive manufacturer or distributor to fail to pay certain claims made by an automotive dealer. Authorizes an automotive manufacturer or distributor to: (1) audit certain claims; or (2) charge back to a dealer any amounts paid on false or materially unsubstantiated claims. Requires certain certified nurse aides to be certified by the state department and requires the state department to: (1) establish a program; (2) prescribe education and training programs; (3) determine specified standards; and (4) establish annual certification fees; for certified nurse aides who work in health facilities. Specifies that the statute governing the quarterly listing of telephone numbers of Indiana consumers who request not to be solicited by telephone applies to a residential telephone subscriber who meets certain requirements. Requires the attorney general's consumer protection division (division) to notify Indiana residents of the right of certain subscribers or users to place a telephone number on the listing. Specifies what qualifies as a "telephone sales call" for purposes of the statute. Amends the statute concerning deceptive consumer sales to: (1) provide that a violation of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a deceptive act; and (2) include cross references to certain consumer protection statutes, the violation of which constitutes a deceptive act. Limits the civil penalty that the attorney general may recover for a violation of the FDCPA to $1,000 per consumer. Specifies that for purposes of the statute governing home loan practices, a "deceptive act" includes a knowing or intentional misrepresentation made regarding real estate transactions and mortgage transactions. Recognizes speech-language pathologists who: (1) before September 1, 1990, completed all the course work and obtained all the experience required to receive a life license from the department of education; and (2) were issued a life license by the department of education; as eligible to supervise speech-language pathology support personnel (in lieu of another requirement to have obtained a certificate of clinical competence from a nationally recognized association). Removes a provision requiring that, to supervise speech-language pathology support personnel, a speech-language pathologist have at least three years of clinical experience. Provides for licensure of speech-language pathologists if certain continuing education standards are met. Voids part of an administrative rule concerning qualification requirements to supervise speech-language pathology support personnel. Provides that the requirement of the collection and storage in an electronic system of certain information about persons participating in or assisting with certain residential mortgage transactions also applies in the case of certain residential real estate transactions that do not involve mortgage transactions. Requires certain additional information about residential mortgage transactions and residential real estate transactions to be collected and stored in the system.
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