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House Bill 1464

House Bill 1464

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Notice of delinquent sewer and storm water bills. Provides that for purposes of: (1) the statute governing storm water management in certain local government units; (2) the statute governing municipal sewer utilities; and (3) the statute governing sanitation departments in certain municipalities; certain notices must be provided when storm water or sewer fees assessed against real property become delinquent. Provides that delinquency notices must be provided to the address of the real property served by the storm water or sewage works and, in the case of property occupied by someone other than the owner, to the property owner: (1) when the fees first become delinquent; and (2) after the first notice is sent, if the fees continue to be delinquent. Provides that the first notice must contain a statement that: (1) a lien will not attach to the property; and (2) collection charges and attorney's fees will not be assessed; if the delinquency is paid not later than 30 days after the date of the notice. Provides that in the case of property occupied by someone other than the owner, notices to the property owner must be sent by certified mail or an equivalent service to: (1) an address provided by the owner for receiving notices; or (2) the last address of the owner as indicated in the records of the county auditor on the date of the notice. Prohibits a municipality from recovering delinquent sewer fees and penalties by initiating a civil action unless: (1) the required notices have been sent; and (2) the fees are at least 60 days delinquent. Provides that a lien for delinquent sewer or storm water fees attaches only if the required notices have been sent. Provides that enforcing collection of unpaid storm water or sewer fees and penalties must be deferred until: (1) the required notices of delinquency
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In Committee - first House
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