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House Bill 1495

House Bill 1495

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Motorized bicycle operation. Amends the definition of motorized bicycle to exclude a device used for the transportation of a person with a disability for the purpose of mobility. Requires that a motorized bicycle operated on a highway after December 31, 2011, must be titled and registered with the bureau of motor vehicles, with a registration fee equal to that of a motorcycle. Provides that a motorized bicycle subject to registration is subject to the annual license excise surtax and the motor vehicle excise tax. Requires that certain funds received from the registration of a motorized bicycle be deposited in the motorcycle operator safety education fund. Requires the operator of a motorized bicycle on a highway to hold a driver's license, with a certain exception. Requires a dealer who sells at least 12 motorized bicycles a year to register as a dealer with the secretary of state. Prohibits the operation of a motorized bicycle without financial responsibility in effect on the motorized bicycle. Requires certain individuals to file accident reports after an accident involving a motorized bicycle. Provides that a minor who knowingly: (1) possesses an alcoholic beverage (beverage); (2) consumes the beverage; or (3) transports the beverage on a public highway when not accompanied by at least one of the minor's parents or guardians commits a Class C misdemeanor, and if the minor is found to have violated the above while operating a motorized bicycle, the court may order the minor's driver's license suspended for up to one year, with certain enhancements. Repeals the term "motor scooter". Makes conforming changes. Makes technical corrections. Deletes outdated language.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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