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House Bill 1534

House Bill 1534

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Township reorganization and government employees. Provides that an employee of a political subdivision is considered to have resigned from employment with the political subdivision if the employee assumes the elected executive office of the political subdivision or becomes an elected member of the political subdivision's legislative or fiscal body. Provides that the restriction applies to an employee of a political subdivision who assumes an elected office after June 30, 2012. Provides that the restriction does not prohibit an employee of a political subdivision from holding an elected office of a political subdivision other than the political subdivision that employs the government employee. Eliminates township boards in all counties other than Marion County effective January 1, 2015. Specifies that after December 31, 2014, in all counties other than Marion County: (1) the county fiscal body is the fiscal body and legislative body of the township; and (2) the county fiscal body shall exercise the legislative and fiscal powers assigned in the Indiana Code to township boards, including the authority to adopt the township's annual budget and to levy township property taxes for township funds. Establishes a board of trustees (board) in each county, consisting of all township trustees in the county. Requires the board to prepare a county plan (plan) for providing township assistance in the county. Provides that
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In Committee - first House
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