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House Bill 1566

House Bill 1566

ARCHIVE (2011)

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School absenteeism and dropouts. Makes reduction of absenteeism in schools a policy priority for the department of education. Requires school corporations and schools to identify contributing factors to absenteeism and to develop chronic absence reduction plans. Directs the education roundtable to study and make recommendations concerning early childhood education. Requires the department of education to focus on implementing early childhood education programs that mirror proven early education programs. Requires school corporations to share data on high chronic absence schools with the department of education and family and social services to target allocation of resources and programs to improve student attendance. Allows school corporations to collaborate with public and private entities to provide professional development opportunities to help teachers and administrators understand the factors contributing to chronic absence and to address those factors. Allows school corporations to contract with nonprofit entities to provide health care services in school based clinics to students enrolled in schools within the school corporation.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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