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House Bill 1569

House Bill 1569

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Emergency communication districts. Authorizes two or more units to adopt an ordinance establishing an emergency communications services district (district). Requires one of the units to contain a public safety answering point (PSAP). Requires all units to become a member of a district not later than July 1, 2015. Provides that a district may not contain more than one PSAP except under certain circumstances. Provides that the legislative body of the unit that provides emergency communications services to a district may certify a special assessment on property in the district for deposit in the district's emergency communications services fund. Specifies the purposes for which money in the fund may be spent. Allows a district to establish an emergency telephone notification system. Provides for the expiration on July 1, 2015, of the statutes concerning: (1) the local monthly enhanced emergency telephone system fee; (2) the statewide monthly wireless enhanced 911 fee; (3) the emergency telephone notification systems; (4) the establishment of a public safety communications system and computer facilities district in a county having a consolidated city; and (5) the establishment of a public safety communications systems district in certain other counties. Specifies that funds remaining in: (1) the wireless emergency telephone system fund; (2) a county wireless emergency telephone system fund; or (3) a county or municipal wireline emergency telephone system fund; on July 1, 2015, are transferred proportionately to the appropriate emergency communications services funds. Makes conforming amendments.
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In Committee - first House
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