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Session Information - Action List: House Concurrent Resolution 0014

Action List: House Concurrent Resolution 0014

ARCHIVE (2011)

Authors:  Smith, Bartlett, Brown, Candelaria Reardon, Crawford, Harris, Porter, Pryor, Summers

DateChamber   Action
01/13/2011 H     Authored by Representative V. Smith
01/13/2011 H     Coauthored by Representatives Summers, Candelaria Reardon, Harris, Porter, Bartlett, Crawford, C. Brown and Pryor
01/13/2011 H     First reading: adopted voice vote
01/13/2011 H     Referred to the Senate
01/13/2011 H     Senate sponsor: Senator Rogers
01/18/2011 S     First reading: adopted voice vote
01/18/2011 S     Returned to the House
01/18/2011 S     Senators Alting, Arnold, Banks, Becker, Boots, Bray, Breaux, Broden, Buck, Charbonneau, Delph, Eckerty, Gard, Glick, Grooms, Head, Hershman, Holdman, Hume, Kenley, Kruse, Lanane, Landske, Lawson, Leising, Long, Merritt, Miller, Mishler, Mrvan, Nugent, Paul, Randolph, Schneider, Simpson, Skinner, Smith, Steele, Tallian, Taylor, Tomes, Walker, Waltz, Waterman, Wyss, Yoder, R. Young, M. Young and Zakas added as cosponsors