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Senate Bill 0001

Senate Bill 0001

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF SB1 (Updated April 25, 2011 1:49 pm - DI 84)

Teacher evaluations and licensing. Eliminates the advisory board of the division of professional standards of the department of education. Requires the department of education to revoke the license of a licensed school employee if the employee is convicted in another state or under federal statutes of an offense that is comparable to the felonies for which the employee's license would be revoked if committed in Indiana. Establishes an annual staff performance evaluation that categorizes teachers as highly effective, effective, improvement necessary, or ineffective. Specifies that a teacher rated ineffective or improvement necessary may not receive a raise or increment for the following year. Provides that a student may not be instructed two years in a row by two different teachers who have been rated as ineffective in the year preceding the student's placement in that class if avoidable. Requires notice of cancellation of a teacher's contract not earlier than May 1 and not later than July 1. Changes the process concerning how teacher contracts are canceled. Specifies that current teacher salaries cannot be reduced due to a new salary scale adopted to meet the requirements of this act. Allows school corporations to consider additional content area degrees and credit hours in salary scale. Modifies language concerning supplemental services contracts to allow administrators to select and pay summer school teachers. Provides for the department of education to develop a program to provide training and evaluations for school corporations in operational efficiency. Defines "attend" for purposes of the compulsory school attendance law. Indicates that attendance is excused only if it is in accordance with the governing body's excused absence policy. Specifies additional methods for the service of a notice of violation to a parent. Requires a superintendent or attendance officer to report a habitually absent child to the juvenile court or the department of child services. Repeals references to the advisory board and the existing staff performance evaluation provisions, and makes corresponding changes to related sections.
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