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Senate Bill 0200

Senate Bill 0200

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF SB200 (Updated April 14, 2011 2:49 pm - DI 84)

Environmental general permits. Allows the department of environmental management (IDEM) to develop and issue NPDES general permits under federal law. Establishes transitional provisions for current NPDES general permits authorized by rule. Requires IDEM to conduct an antidegradation review of all NPDES general permits. Provides that IDEM may modify the general permits for purposes of antidegradation compliance. Provides that after an antidegradation review of a permit is conducted, activities covered by an NPDES general permit are not required to undergo an additional antidegradation review. Requires IDEM to establish a general coal mine permit that may be obtained for a facility instead of obtaining another more specialized NPDES coal mine permit and to determine the criteria that must be met to qualify for the general permit. Provides that the general permit must allow a coal mine operator the option of submitting a notice of intent to be governed by the general permit requirements before the requirements apply to the coal mine operator. Requires persons regulated by a national pollutant discharge elimination systems (NPDES) general permit to submit a notice of intent within ninety (90) days after the department of environmental management makes the form available.
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