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Senate Bill 0215

Senate Bill 0215

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF SB 215 (Updated April 29, 2011 2:31 pm - DI 106)

Forfeiture. Requires counties to create an asset forfeiture account. Provides that, in a forfeiture proceeding, 1/3 of the proceeds may be provided to the prosecuting attorney or an attorney retained by the prosecuting attorney in a forfeiture action, unless the prosecuting attorney has declined a request from the state police department to transfer the forfeiture to federal jurisdiction, in which case 20% of the proceeds but no more than $5,000 may be transferred to the prosecuting attorney. Provides that of the remaining proceeds, 15% shall be provided to the common school fund and 85% shall be distributed to an account for distribution to law enforcement agencies participating in the seizure as necessary law enforcement expenses. Specifies that money or the proceeds of seized property placed in a county asset forfeiture account may be disbursed only by action of the county legislative body under a claim submitted by a law enforcement agency or prosecuting attorney, and must be disbursed pursuant to an interlocal agreement, if applicable. Permits a prosecuting attorney to retain an attorney to bring a forfeiture action only if the attorney general reviews the compensation agreement between the prosecuting attorney and the retained attorney, and requires that the compensation agreement with the attorney be capped at: (1) 33 1/3% of the first $10,000 of the amount of the proceeds or money obtained; (2) 25% of the part of the amount between $10,000 and $100,000; and (3) 20% of the part of the amount that is at least $100,000; unless a court finds that the forfeiture action is unusually complex. Requires a court to notify the Indiana criminal justice institute of the amount and manner of a forfeiture distribution. Provides that a prosecuting attorney or deputy prosecuting attorney who engages in a forfeiture action for the prosecuting attorney's office may not receive a contingency fee.
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