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Senate Bill 0303

Senate Bill 0303

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF SB 303 (Updated February 21, 2011 5:28 pm - DI 87)

County government reorganization. Provides that in counties other than Marion County, the county executive may adopt an ordinance providing that the voters of the county shall elect a single county chief executive officer to serve as the county executive and a county council that has the legislative and fiscal powers and duties of the county. Provides that such an ordinance to change the structure of county government may be adopted only during an odd-numbered year or before July 1 of an even-numbered year. Specifies that an ordinance providing for a single elected county executive officer must be approved by a unanimous vote of all the elected members of the county executive. Provides that in a county with a single county chief executive officer: (1) the initial county chief executive officer is elected in the second general election after the ordinance to change the structure of county government is approved; (2) the board of county commissioners is abolished; and (3) the membership of the county council continues under existing law. Provides that a person is not eligible to serve as the single county chief executive officer more than eight years in any twelve year period. Provides that if the office of chief executive officer becomes vacant, the county council shall appoint an individual to serve as interim chief executive officer until the office is filled. Provides that in a county that has a chief executive officer, the number of registered voters equal to 2% of the votes cast in the last election for secretary of state in the county may petition the county council to adopt an ordinance requiring the election of a board of commissioners (instead of a single county chief executive officer) to serve as the: (1) county executive if the county is Lake or St. Joseph County; or (2) the county executive and legislative body in any other county (except Marion County). Eliminates the Marion County board of commissioners.
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    Defeated - first House
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