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Senate Bill 0307

Senate Bill 0307

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Public safety funding. Allows a county, municipality, township, or fire protection district to impose a public safety user fee to replace property taxes imposed by the entity. Specifies the purposes for which the public safety user fee may be used. Provides that a public safety user fee may be imposed on the owner of each lot, parcel of property, or building or other real property improvement, regardless of whether the property is exempt from ad valorem property taxes. Specifies that the public safety user fees imposed for a calendar year by an entity are considered property taxes for purposes of calculating the entity's maximum permissible property tax levy for that calendar year and for ensuing calendar years. Provides that such a public safety user fee is in addition to any other fee, rate, or charge imposed under any other statute or under home rule powers. Allows the imposition of an impact fee for capital improvements for public safety purposes. Provides that for purposes of the impact fee statutes, impact costs do not include the costs of infrastructure necessitated by annexation. Requires a property insurer to pay a fire department reimbursement provided in a policy in response to the property owner's claim against the insurer. Allows a fire department to charge the property owner if the reimbursement is not paid.
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    In Committee - first House
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