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Senate Bill 0329

Senate Bill 0329

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Interstate mutual aid agreements. Authorizes the state and local units of government to enter into agreements to provide interstate mutual aid for emergencies that may or may not initially be at a level requiring a state or local declaration of a state of emergency or disaster. Recognizes certain out-of-state professional licenses, certifications, or other permits when the state or a political subdivision requests mutual aid from jurisdictions outside Indiana. Provides immunity from civil liability to certain persons acting under such mutual aid agreements. Specifies that an emergency responder from outside Indiana rendering aid within Indiana under such a mutual aid agreement remains an employee and agent of the responder's employer and jurisdiction. Provides that benefits enjoyed by an emergency responder rendering aid under such a mutual aid agreement extend to the services the emergency responder performs outside the responder's jurisdiction as if those services had been rendered in the responder's own jurisdiction. Requires such mutual aid agreements to be approved in the same manner as interlocal cooperation agreements are approved.
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    In Committee - first House
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