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Senate Bill 0357

Senate Bill 0357

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Adoption subsidy payments. Requires the department of child services (department) to: (1) enter into an agreement with each adoptive parent of a child with special needs who is eligible for an adoption subsidy to provide an adoption subsidy for the child; and (2) allocate funds to the adoption assistance account necessary to make the adoption subsidy payments. Prohibits the department from terminating an adoption subsidy agreement with adoptive parents due to insufficient funds in the adoption assistance account. Makes conforming changes. Repeals a provision that: (1) prohibits the department from approving new adoption subsidy agreements for children who are not wards of the department at the time the adoption petition is filed; and (2) requires the department to give priority to funding new adoption subsidy agreements for children who are or were wards of the department; if the department determines that sufficient funds are not available.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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