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Senate Bill 0507

Senate Bill 0507

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Township government matters. Provides that if a trustee does not: (1) accept a completed application for township assistance; or (2) grant or deny a completed application for township assistance within the period required by statute; the application is considered denied, and the denial may be appealed to the board of commissioners. Provides that after December 31, 2014, the total compensation and benefits paid to a township board member may not exceed $5,000 per year. Specifies that each township office must include the address and phone number of the township office in at least one local telephone directory. Requires all township trustees (instead of only certain trustees) to maintain a telephone answering service and respond to a telephone inquiry for township assistance services not more than twenty-four (24) hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, after receiving the inquiry. Requires that a public meeting or a public hearing of a township legislative body must be held in a public place if one is available in the township. Specifies that the annual report of a township must be filed with the state board of accounts not later than March 1 of each fiscal year. Requires the township board to adopt the township's standards for the issuance of township assistance not later than March 31 of each calendar year. Provides that if the township board fails to adopt township standards for the two (2) calendar years preceding the ensuing calendar year: (1) the department of local government finance may not approve the township budget and levy; and (2) the township board members may not receive any salary until the standards for the ensuing calendar year are adopted. Provides that if the township board adopts standards and the township trustee
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    In Committee - first House
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