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Senate Bill 0518

Senate Bill 0518

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Bail. Provides that every surety for the release on bail of a person who executes a bail bond by depositing cash or securities in an amount not less than 10% of the bail must be: (1) an insurer represented by a bail agent; or (2) a person who is at least 18 years of age, a United States citizen, a resident of Indiana, related to the person for whom release on bail is sought within the third degree of affinity, and the owner of real or tangible personal property in Indiana with a net asset value that is acceptable to the authority approving the bond. Provides that, for purposes of the Indiana bail law, a cause is determined when: (1) a judgment of conviction or acquittal is entered; (2) judgment is withheld; or (3) the defendant has been ordered or admitted to a diversion program. Requires a court to waive a late surrender fee assessed against a bail agent or surety, or extend the period for payment beyond the statutorily permitted period, or both, if: (1) a written request is filed with the court and the prosecutor; and (2) the surety or bail agent provides evidence satisfactory to the court that diligent efforts were made to locate the defendant. Specifies that 40% of the late surrender fees collected under the Indiana bail law must be deposited in the police pension trust fund, 40% must be deposited in the county extradition fund, and the remaining 20% must be deposited in the county supplemental public defender services fund. Provides that if the combination of requirements a court imposes on a defendant to admit the defendant to bail includes the requirement that the defendant
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    In Committee - first House
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