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Senate Bill 0522

Senate Bill 0522

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Prohibition on abortion after 20 weeks. Sets public policy findings concerning when a fetus can feel pain. Sets requirements for performing an abortion after the first trimester but before the earlier of viability of the fetus or 20 weeks of postfertilization age of the fetus (current law requirements are based on viability of the fetus). Requires that a physician determine the postfertilization age of a fetus before performing an abortion, and allows for the discipline of a physician who fails to do this in certain circumstances. Creates a cause of action for a pregnant woman or the biological father of the fetus for actual and punitive damages if a physician recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally performs or attempts to perform an abortion in violation of the law. Provides for injunctive relief for specified individuals against a physician to prevent the physician from performing further abortions that violate the law. Creates the special litigation defense fund to provide reimbursement of the costs and expenses incurred by the attorney general in defending the constitutionality of this act, and continuously appropriates the fund. Provides for severability of provisions if a court determines that any of the law is unconstitutional, and specifies prior law returns to effect if the amended law is found by the court to be unconstitutional.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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