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Senate Bill 0536

Senate Bill 0536

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF SB536 (Updated February 22, 2011 9:45 pm - DI 84)

Various election law matters. Amends the definition of "active voter". Except for boards of elections and registration in Lake and Tippecanoe counties and the board of registration in Marion County, abolishes all boards of registration on July 1, 2011, and permits a county executive to adopt an order to establish or reestablish a board of registration. Provides that a voter registration application received in person or by mail by the election division, or an absentee ballot application received by the election division, is timely filed if the election division receives the application before the deadline established for a county to receive the application. Requires the election division to forward the application promptly to the county where the applicant resides. Provides that an absentee ballot application received from an absent uniformed services voter, an overseas voter, or an address confidentiality program participant is valid for the period that ends on December 31 after the filing of the application (rather than 12 months after the date of the application). Provides that uncontested municipal offices are not required to appear on the ballot in a municipal or general election. Requires that all absentee ballots be counted at a central location, unless a county election board (board), by the unanimous vote of the board's entire membership, adopts a resolution to count absentee ballots in the precincts on election day. Requires the resolution to state the board's reasons for having the ballots counted in the precincts. Provides that a voter who casts an absentee ballot before election day may not vote in person on election day. Provides that one location of the office of the circuit court clerk (clerk) designated by the clerk is the location at which a voter is entitled to cast an absentee ballot before an absentee voter board. Establishes the office of the board of elections and registration in Lake County as the location at which a voter is entitled to cast an absentee ballot before an absentee voter board. Provides that all other locations at which the clerk or the board of elections and registration has an office must be established as satellite offices in order to be used as locations at which a voter is entitled to cast an absentee ballot before an absentee voter board. Requires a vote center plan to: (1) include the total number and locations of satellite offices to be established at vote center locations; and (2) provide for at least one vote center to be established as a satellite office on the two Saturdays immediately preceding an election day. Provides for the election rather than the appointment of the members of the school board for the city of East Chicago. Provides for a nine member East Chicago school board, three members elected at large and six members elected from districts that are the same as the city's common council districts, to be elected on a nonpartisan basis beginning at the primary election in 2012. Adds certain other provisions concerning the organization of the school board. Repeals provisions that: (1) have been superseded concerning: (A) an absentee ballot application filed by an absent uniformed services voter or an overseas voter, or (B) the establishment of boards of registration; and (2) allow voters who cast an absentee ballot to vote in person under certain circumstances on election day. Makes conforming amendments and technical corrections.
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    In Committee - 2nd House
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