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Senate Bill 0549

Senate Bill 0549

ARCHIVE (2011)

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DIGEST OF SB549 (Updated April 4, 2011 2:26 pm - DI 84)

Indiana public retirement system. Establishes the Indiana public retirement system (system) to administer and manage: (1) the public employees' retirement fund (PERF); (2) the teachers' retirement fund (TRF); (3) the judges' retirement fund; (4) the prosecuting attorneys retirement fund; (5) the state excise police, gaming agent, gaming control officer, and conservation enforcement officers' retirement fund; (6) the 1977 police officers' and firefighters' pension and disability fund (1977 Fund); (7) the legislators' retirement system; (8) the pension relief fund; (9) the special death benefit fund; and (10) the state employees' death benefit fund. Creates a nine member board of trustees (board) for the system appointed by the governor as follows: (1) at least one member with experience in economics, finance, or investments; (2) at least one member with experience in executive management or benefits administration; (3) the director of the budget agency (or designee) serving as an ex officio voting member; (4) two members nominated by the speaker of the house of representatives: one an active or retired police officer or firefighter who is a member of the 1977 Fund and one TRF member; (5) two members nominated by the president pro tempore of the senate: one PERF member and one TRF member; (6) one member nominated by the auditor of state: the auditor of state or an individual with experience in professional financial accounting or actuarial science; and (7) one member nominated by the treasurer of state: the treasurer of state or an individual with experience in economics, finance, or investments. Requires that initial appointments to the board give a preference for those individuals who, on June 30, 2011, are serving as trustees of PERF and TRF, and provides that a PERF or TRF trustee appointed to the board serves until the trustee's term would have expired under prior law. Provides for a four year term for trustees. Provides that a trustee is strongly encouraged to complete annually at least 12 hours of trustee education. Provides that five trustees constitute a quorum and requires a majority vote of the trustees present in order for the board to adopt a resolution or take other action at a regular or special meeting. Requires the system's chief investment officer and the officer's staff to file annual financial disclosure statements with the inspector general. Provides that the board's powers and duties are the combined powers and duties of the PERF and TRF boards. Provides that each retirement fund continues as a separate fund managed by the board. Provides for a director of the system who is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the board. Provides that employees of PERF and TRF remain members of those funds. Provides that new hires of the system become PERF members, unless the director expressly determines otherwise. Allows the board to establish contribution rate groups for PERF, and removes the requirement that each employer have a separate account within the retirement allowance account. Eliminates the 1977 Fund advisory committee. Authorizes the board to adopt rules without complying with ICĀ 4-22-2 in establishing impairment standards, a list of excludable medical conditions, and standards and tests for the baseline statewide physical examination for the 1977 Fund. Repeals provisions that establish the PERF and TRF boards and require PERF and TRF to hire a common director. Repeals corresponding definitions and cross-references.
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