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Senate Bill 0553

Senate Bill 0553

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Civil forfeiture. Provides that a prosecuting attorney may initiate a civil forfeiture by notifying the owner of the seized property of the intent to seize the property, and specifies that the property will be forfeited if the owner does not timely object. Provides that the owner of forfeited property may object to the forfeiture by objecting in writing to the forfeiture and (if the owner is not indigent) providing a 10% bond. Specifies that the prosecuting attorney is entitled to 22% of forfeited funds, the clerk of the courts to 3% of the funds, and the law enforcement agency that seized the property to 75% of the funds. Prohibits a prosecuting attorney from retaining an attorney to bring a forfeiture action, and prohibits adoptive forfeiture (where seized property is transferred to a federal court for a forfeiture action) unless required by federal law.
    Current Status:
    In Committee - first House
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