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Senate Bill 0563

Senate Bill 0563

ARCHIVE (2011)

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Emergency communications fees. Establishes the 11 member statewide 911 board (board). Provides that the treasurer of state serves as the chairperson of the board. Establishes the statewide 911 fund (fund). Appropriates money in the fund. Provides that the board shall administer the fund. Requires the board to impose a statewide 911 fee (fee) on each standard and prepaid subscriber of voice communications service in Indiana. Deposits fees in the fund. Prohibits a state agency or a political subdivision from imposing any additional fee relating to the provision of 911 service. Specifies the manner in which the board distributes money from the fund to public safety answering points (PSAPs). Specifies the permissible uses for funds distributed to a PSAP. Allows a county to establish an emergency telephone notification system. Requires a voice communications service provider to provide to a PSAP the necessary subscriber data to enable the PSAP to implement and operate a 911 system. Provides that proprietary information submitted to the board is confidential. Provides that after June 30, 2015, a county may not contain more than one PSAP. Requires each political subdivision or agency that operates a PSAP in a county containing more than one PSAP, not later than July 1, 2015, to enter into an interlocal agreement with every other political subdivision or agency that operates a PSAP in the same county. Makes conforming amendments. Repeals the statutes concerning: (1) the local monthly enhanced emergency telephone system fee; (2) the statewide monthly wireless enhanced 911 fee; (3) the enhanced prepaid wireless telecommunications service charge; and (4) emergency telephone notification systems. Provides for the expiration on July 1, 2015, of provisions that: (1) establish a public safety communications system and computer facilities district in a county having a consolidated city; and (2) allow certain other counties to establish a public safety communications systems district. Specifies that the remaining funds are transferred to the new enhanced 911 system fund. Specifies that funds remaining in: (1) the wireless emergency telephone system fund; (2) a county wireless emergency telephone system fund; or (3) a county or municipal wireline emergency telephone system fund; on July 1, 2011, are transferred to the statewide 911 fund.
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    In Committee - first House
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