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House Bill 1011

House Bill 1011

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1011 (Updated February 21, 2012 1:23 pm - DI 107)

Various corrections matters. Requires the department of correction (department) to: (1) determine the average daily marginal cost of incarcerating an offender; (2) determine the average length of stay for certain Class D felony offenders committed to the department; and (3) administer an incentive and disincentive program under which counties are rewarded for reducing the number of Class D felony offenders committed to the department and are penalized for increasing the number. Establishes the probation improvement fund administered by the judicial conference to award grants based on the recommendation by the department to: (1) county probation departments that supervise persons convicted of a felony to promote the adoption of certain best practices to improve probation administration and services and reduce probation revocations; and (2) counties that supervise persons who have been convicted of a felony to consolidate and improve the efficiency of probation administration and services and community corrections programs. Provides that the probation improvement fund consists of appropriations from the general assembly and funds from savings realized by the department due to fewer Class D felons being committed to the department and certain disincentive funds. Creates the forensic addiction fund to create a funding source for grants to probation departments and community corrections programs to increase substance abuse treatment access for individuals on probation or in a community corrections program. Requires the judicial conference of Indiana to administer the fund. Requires a sentencing court to inform the department if the person sentenced is a credit restricted felon. Requires a court that determines that a person sentenced is a credit restricted felon to state in the sentencing order and the abstract of judgment that the person is a credit restricted felon. Requires the judicial conference to adopt rules concerning swift and certain sanctions that a probation officer may use in supervising persons on probation. Provides procedures for a person on probation to be sanctioned by a probation officer. Requires that credit time earned by certain offenders shall be reduced to the extent that application of the credit time would result in postconviction release or a community transition program assignment in less than 45 days after the person earns the credit time. Requires the department to: (1) establish an automated victim notification system; and (2) notify a registered crime victim of certain changes affecting the committed offender who committed the crime against the victim. Specifies when the department shall make certain victim notifications. Provides that if a court imposes a felony sentence that involves a commitment to the department, the court shall state certain information in the sentencing order and abstract of judgment. Requires the division of state court administration to submit a report to the department detailing the number of Class D felony convictions for each county. Requires each county to establish a county offender fund. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the criminal code evaluation commission.)
Current Status:
In Committee - 2nd House
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