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House Bill 1087

House Bill 1087

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1087 (Updated February 29, 2012 12:24 pm - DI 84)

Statewide 911 system. Provides for transitional provisions to ensure that all obligations incurred by a district before July 1, 2016, are satisfied according to their terms. Repeals the statutes concerning: (1) the emergency telephone system fee (assessed by counties or municipalities for enhanced 911 service for users of wireline telephone service); (2) enhanced wireless emergency telephone service (and the accompanying fee assessed statewide on users of wireless service to provide for enhanced 911 service); and (3) emergency telephone notification systems. Repeals the provision that provides for the expiration and sunset on July 1, 2013 (if certain conditions are met) of the statute establishing the enhanced prepaid wireless charge. Establishes a statewide 911 system (which does not include a wireline enhanced emergency telephone system funded at the county level before the bill's repeal of the statute governing the wireline enhanced emergency 911 fee on July 1, 2012). Establishes the 13 member statewide 911 board (board) to administer the new system. Provides that the treasurer of state serves as the chair of the board. Provides that the board may do the following in addition to other enumerated powers: (1) Administer statewide 911 grants in accordance with state and federal guidelines. (2) Obtain from each PSAP operating statistics and other performance measurements. Establishes the statewide 911 fund (fund). Provides that the fund is a dedicated fund and that no transfers may be made from the fund by the board of finance or budget agency. Appropriates money in the fund. Provides that the board shall administer the fund. Provides that the treasurer of state may invest money in the fund. Requires the state board of accounts to audit the fund annually. Requires the board to impose a statewide 911 fee (fee) on each standard user of communications service in Indiana. Requires communications service providers to collect the fee as part of the monthly billing process. Requires the board to deposit the fees collected into the fund. Requires the wireless enhanced 911 advisory board to increase the amount of the prepaid wireless charge so that the amount of the charge imposed after June 30, 2012, equals $0.50. Provides that the monthly statewide 911 fee (fee) may not be raised or lowered: (1) more than one time in a calendar year; or (2) more than $0.10 by an adjustment without legislative approval. Prohibits a state agency or a local governmental unit from imposing any additional fee relating to the provision of 911 service. Provides that the board may use 15% of the fees deposited in the fund to: (1) recover the board's administrative expenses; and (2) develop, operate, and maintain a statewide 911 system. Specifies the manner in which the board must distribute money from the fund to counties. Provides that in determining a distribution from the fund for a county for any state fiscal year beginning after June 30, 2012, the board shall ensure that the distribution is at least equal to the average annual amount distributed to the county in wireless 911 fees and to all PSAPs in the county in wireline 911 fees during the three state fiscal years ending: (1) June 30, 2009; (2) June 30, 2010; and (3) June 30, 2011; increased by a percentage that does not exceed the percent of increase in the Consumer Price Index during the preceding twelve months. Specifies the permissible uses of funds distributed to a PSAP. Requires each PSAP to annually report to the board all call data and statistics specified by the board. Provides that if the board verifies that an expenditure by a PSAP does not comply with requirements of the statute, the board shall ensure that the fund is reimbursed in the dollar amount of the noncomplying expenditure from any source of funding available to the PSAP or to a unit in which the PSAP is located. Requires a communications service provider to provide to a PSAP the necessary user data to enable the PSAP to implement and operate a 911 system. Provides that proprietary information submitted to the board is confidential. Allows a county to establish an emergency notification system. Retains those provisions from the repealed statute concerning enhanced wireless emergency telephone service that provided that after December 31, 2014, a county may not contain more than two PSAPs. Provides that after December 31, 2014, if a county contains more than two PSAPs, the county may not receive a distribution from the fund until the county contains no more than the authorized number of PSAPs. Specifies that funds that remain on June 30, 2012, in the wireless emergency telephone system fund shall be transferred on July 1, 2012, to the statewide 911 fund. Provides that funds that remain on June 30, 2012, in: (1) a county wireless emergency telephone system fund; or (2) a county wireline emergency telephone system fund; shall be transferred on July 1, 2012, by the county treasurer to the new county 911 fund required to be set aside by the county treasurer under the act. Makes conforming amendments.
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