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House Bill 1104

House Bill 1104

ARCHIVE (2012)

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Right to work pilot program. Establishes a right to work pilot program (pilot program). Provides that the Indiana economic development corporation (corporation) administers the pilot program. Requires the corporation to implement the pilot program in at least one region of Indiana by May 1, 2012. Provides that the pilot program: (1) makes it a Class A misdemeanor to require an individual to: (A) become or remain a member of a labor organization; (B) pay dues, fees, or other charges to a labor organization; or (C) pay to a charity or another third party an amount that represents dues, fees, or other charges required of members of a labor organization; as a condition of employment or continuation of employment; and (2) establishes a separate private right of action for violations or threatened violations. Provides that the pilot program does not apply to federal employees, employees subject to certain federal laws, certain employees over whom the federal government has jurisdiction, state employees, and employees of a political subdivision. Provides that the pilot program does not apply to the extent it is in conflict with or preempted by federal law. Requires the corporation to submit, before November 1, 2013, a report to the general assembly on the pilot program. Specifies that the report must include any conclusions and recommendations made by the corporation concerning the pilot program, information concerning the expansion of the pilot program statewide, and any recommended legislation.
Current Status:
 In Committee - first House
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