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House Bill 1117

House Bill 1117

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1117 (Updated March 8, 2012 11:41 am - DI 84)

Regional water, sewage, or waste districts and utilities. Provides that if a not-for-profit sewer utility (utility) uses eminent domain to acquire an easement or right-of-way, the easement or right-of-way may not exceed 50 feet. Specifies that the following are not a not-for-profit utility: (1) A conservancy district. (2) For certain purposes, a utility owned, operated, or held in trust by a consolidated city. (3) A regional water, sewage, or solid waste district (district). Requires notice and a hearing before a petition may be filed to establish a district. Establishes requirements for appointment to the board of trustees of a district. Provides that a district or utility may not require a property owner to connect to the district's or utility's sewer system under certain conditions for ten years. Allows the property owner to apply for two five year extensions. Limits to $100 the daily penalty for failing to connect to a sewer system. Provides that if a district uses a flat charge to determine a rate or charge for a sewage works, the district must provide a written summary of how the flat charge was calculated. Allows a campground or youth camp to be billed for sewage service at a flat rate or by installing a meter to measure the actual amount of sewage. Provides that, for billing purposes, a bed at a youth camp equals 1/8 residential equivalent unit. Establishes a procedure by which a ratepayer may object to initial rates and charges established by a district. Provides that sewer lien that is the only lien on a property may not be foreclosed. Requires a health officer to verify the existence of unlawful conditions that transmit, generate, or promote disease before ordering their abatement. Provides that a person who provides false information to a health officer commits a Class C infraction. Requires a local health department to notify an applicant for a residential septic system permit of the existence of a district. Provides that a homeowner may include in a residential sales disclosure form information relating to a district.
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