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House Bill 1161

House Bill 1161

ARCHIVE (2012)

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Employment status of job applicants. Provides that, for purposes of Indiana civil rights law, "discriminatory practice" includes the exclusion of a person from equal opportunity for employment because of the person's employment status at the time the person applies for or inquires about employment. Provides that a contract to which the state or a political or civil subdivision is a party must contain a provision requiring the contractor and any subcontractor not to discriminate against an applicant or prospective applicant for employment with respect to the employment status of the applicant or prospective applicant. Authorizes the civil rights commission to: (1) study problems of discrimination that are, with regard to employment, based on a person's employment status; and (2) receive and investigate written complaints concerning discriminatory practices related to the employment status of applicants or prospective applicants for employment. Makes technical corrections.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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