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House Bill 1190

House Bill 1190

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1190 (Updated February 27, 2012 6:01 pm - DI 84)

Real property reassessment. Specifies that the soil productivity factors used for March 1, 2011, shall be used for the March 1, 2012, assessment date, instead of the new factors determined by the DLGF for March 1, 2012. Requires the county assessor of each county before July 1, 2013, and before July 1 of every fourth year thereafter to prepare and submit to the department of local government finance (DLGF) a reassessment plan for the county. Specifies that the reassessment plan is subject to approval by the DLGF. Requires the DLGF to complete its review and approval of the reassessment plan before March 1 of the year following the year in which the reassessment plan is submitted by the county. Provides that subject to review and approval by the DLGF, the county assessor may modify a reassessment plan. Provides that the reassessment plan must divide all parcels of real property in the county into different groups of parcels. Requires that each group of parcels must contain at least 25% of the parcels within each class of real property in the county. Requires the assessor to submit land values to the county property tax assessment board of appeals by the dates specified in the county's reassessment plan. Requires the reassessment of the first group of parcels under a county's reassessment plan to begin July 1, 2014, and be completed on or before March 1, 2015. Specifies procedures for taxpayers to petition the DLGF for reassessment of parcels in a group and a schedule for completion of reassessment of parcels in a group. Provides that the notice of assessment that must be sent to taxpayers by assessing officials is in addition to any required notice of assessment included in a property tax statement. Specifies that the assessing official may provide the notice by mail or by using electronic mail that includes a secure Internet link to the information in the notice. Changes population parameters to reflect the population count determined under the 2010 decennial census. Makes technical corrections.
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