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House Bill 1208

House Bill 1208

ARCHIVE (2012)

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Oath requirement for legislative testimony. Requires the chair or acting chair of: (1) a standing committee of the house or the senate; (2) a joint committee of the house and the senate; or (3) a committee established by statute or by the legislative council that meets certain requirements; to administer an oath, affirmed under the penalties for perjury, to each witness giving testimony to the committee. Prescribes the substantial form of the oath. Provides that the legislative council may prescribe different forms of the oath to make the form of the oath suitable to different circumstances under which the oath may be taken. Provides that a witness before a committee may state the oath orally in the presence of the chair or acting chair or give the oath in the form of a writing signed and dated by the witness. Provides that the legislative council may determine whether probable cause exists that a witness violated the witness's oath. Provides that a prosecuting attorney may not bring a criminal action for violation of a witness's oath except by referral from the legislative council. Makes conforming changes to a statute that gives members of the general assembly notarial powers.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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