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House Bill 1223

House Bill 1223

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1223 (Updated January 26, 2012 3:42 pm - DI 84)

State public works contracting. Changes the manner by which the department of administration (department) solicits bids for state public works projects by: (1) eliminating mail solicitations to contractors; and (2) requiring notice to be given as other public notices for contracts are given. Eliminates the requirement that a bid for a state public works project be submitted in a sealed envelope that is opened in public and read aloud at a public bid opening. Eliminates a requirement that contractors on state public works projects cannot be required to submit bids earlier than the time specified in the instructions for the opening of bids. Requires bids for state public works projects to be opened so as not to disclose their contents to other bidders and be evaluated based on requirements in the invitation for bids. Requires state public works contracts to be awarded with reasonable promptness by written notice to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder. Provides for an Indiana business price preference in state public works contracting. Repeals a statute that provides a price preference to an Indiana business in state public works contracts if a bidder on the project is from a state that provides preferences unfavorable to Indiana businesses. Repeals a statute that requires the award of state public works contracts within 60 days of bid opening.
Current Status:
 Passed 2nd reading - first House
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