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House Bill 1225

House Bill 1225

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1225 (Updated January 31, 2012 4:48 pm - DI 84)

Septic tanks and sewer systems. Provides that certain not-for-profit sewer utilities (sewer utility) may require a property owner to discontinue use of a sewage disposal system and connect to the sewer utility's sewer system only if the sewage disposal system is failing. Requires the sewer utility to give the property owner 180 days to repair or replace the sewage disposal system. Specifies certain membership requirements for the board of trustees of a regional sewage district (district). Requires the board of a district that conducts a public hearing to allow persons present an opportunity to be heard. Provides that a district may not require a property owner to connect to the district's sewer system under certain conditions for five years. Allows the property owner to apply for additional and unlimited five year extensions. Provides that if a district uses a flat charge to determine a rate or charge for a waterworks or sewage works, the district must provide a written summary of how the flat charge was calculated. Allows a campground or youth camp to be billed for sewage service at a flat rate or by installing a meter to measure the actual amount of sewage. Authorizes a board to exercise reasonable discretion in temporarily adjusting fees to reflect a user's nonuse of water, sewer, or solid waste services. Provides that a board may bill and collect rates and charges only for services actually provided. Specifies that district rates, fees, and charges assessed against land or a building are liens that do not attach and must be collected by a civil action. Requires a health officer to verify the existence of unlawful conditions that transmit, generate, or promote disease before ordering their abatement. Provides that a person who provides false information to a health officer commits a Class C infraction. Makes technical corrections.
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In Committee - 2nd House
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