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House Bill 1279

House Bill 1279

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1279 (Updated March 15, 2012 11:53 am - DI 77)

Various natural resources matters. Moves the state land office from the department of administration to the department of natural resources (DNR). Increases the amount that an office of DNR or the department of state revenue must deposit on the business day following receipt from $100 to $500. Increases the inspection period for each parcel of land classified as native forest land, a forest plantation, or wildlands from five to seven years. Amends law concerning the lake and river enhancement fund to prohibit funds from being used for projects related to a ditch or manmade channel. Defines "inland water". Provides that certain regulations related to using a spotlight or firearm silencer in the hunting of birds and mammals do not apply to a person acting in accordance with the conditions of a license held by the person. Allows the director of DNR to give certain individuals permission to spotlight wild animals or use a silencer. Requires that hunting license stamps be electronically generated. Removes the requirement that commemorative stamps be furnished to the circuit court. Allows fishing by means of a crossbow. Makes the invasive species pilot program a permanent program. Removes the authority for an individual with a hunting, trapping, or fishing license to ship, carry, or take outside of Indiana, in one week, more than two times the possession limit for the wild animal. Repeals the prohibition on raccoon hunting by nonresidents. Removes a provision allowing a federal Fish and Wildlife Service officer or a conservation officer from another jurisdiction to hunt or fish in Indiana after obtaining a resident license. Creates a resident license to hunt and fish that is valid for 10 years for certain veterans. Allows DNR to issue a nonresident fishing license for commercial fishing in Indiana on the Ohio River. Creates a license for nonresident roe harvesters and dealers. Allows the natural resources commission (commission) to establish the minimum application fees for nonresident roe harvester and dealer licenses. Gives residents of Indiana priority in receiving roe harvester and dealer licenses. Requires a business that sells or barters live minnows or crayfish to have a bait dealer's license. (Current law requires a business that takes, catches, sells, or barters live minnows or crayfish to have a bait dealer's license.) Increases the number of annual free sport fishing days that may be designated from two to four. Allows the sale of game and furbearing mammals for food purposes under a game breeding license. Removes authority to obtain a game breeder's license for game birds and game mammals acquired alive and legally in open season. Removes nutrias and swamp rabbits from the list of exempted animals under a game breeding license. Requires all individuals to have a hunting license to shoot on a shooting preserve, and removes the requirement that nonresidents have a special license to shoot on shooting preserves. Provides that the entirety of an area declared to be infested with a pest or pathogen must be operated according to standards of the natural resources commission. (Current law specifies the infested area in terms of portions of townships.) Changes the nursery stock certificate expiration date from September 30 to December 31. Changes the procedures that the commission must follow when mediating surface water disputes. Requires that bonds forfeited under the abandoned oil and gas well law be placed in the oil and gas environmental fund. Makes technical and conforming changes.
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