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House Bill 1306

House Bill 1306

ARCHIVE (2012)

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Participation of property owner in tax referendum. Provides that a property owner (an owner of real property, a mobile home assessed as personal property, or a manufactured home assessed as personal property) of property located in a political subdivision may vote in a referendum on whether the political subdivision may issue debt for certain capital projects or whether a school may impose a school referendum property tax levy. (Current law allows a property owner to sign a petition to initiate a petition remonstrance or referendum process or to sign a petition or remonstrance regarding a controlled project.) Specifies conditions that a property owner must satisfy in order to vote. Provides that only one vote is permitted for each property owner regardless of the character of the ownership interest, the number of parcels that comprise the property, or the number of properties that a particular property owner owns within the political subdivision. Requires the secretary of state to establish a sealed paper ballot system for a property owner to vote. Requires the state board of accounts, the county voter registration office, the county auditor, and the circuit court clerk to carry out various duties as part of the referendum process.
Current Status:
In Committee - first House
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