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House Bill 1365

House Bill 1365

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1365 (Updated February 27, 2012 4:43 pm - DI 84)

Sentencing alternatives for youthful offenders. Establishes sentencing alternatives for courts with criminal jurisdiction for: (1) offenders who are less than 18 years of age who have been waived from a juvenile court to a court with criminal jurisdiction and who are charged as adult offenders; and (2) offenders who are less than 18 years of age who do not come under the jurisdiction of a juvenile court because the offenders are charged with certain criminal offenses. Provides that if such an offender is convicted of committing a felony or pleads guilty to committing a felony, a criminal court may: (1) impose an appropriate criminal sentence on the offender; (2) suspend the criminal sentence imposed; (3) order the offender to be placed into the custody of the department of correction to be placed in a juvenile facility of the division of youth services, if the department agrees to the placement; and (4) provide that the successful completion of the placement of the offender in the juvenile facility is a condition of the suspended criminal sentence. Provides that when an offender becomes 18 years of age, the sentencing court must hold a review hearing concerning the offender before the offender becomes 19 years of age. Allows the sentencing court, after the review hearing, to: (1) discharge the offender if the sentencing court finds that the objectives of the sentence imposed on the offender have been met; (2) order execution of all or part of the offender's suspended criminal sentence in an adult facility of the department of correction; or (3) place the offender in home detention, in a community corrections program, on probation, or in any other appropriate alternative sentencing program.
Current Status:
Passed 2nd reading - 2nd House
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