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House Bill 1376

House Bill 1376

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF HB 1376 (Updated March 10, 2012 1:34 am - DI 51)

State and local administration. Provides that for purposes of the automatic taxpayer refund statutes, the amount of the refund for qualifying taxpayers is determined on a per capita basis by dividing the total amount of excess state reserves available to provide automatic taxpayer refunds by the total number of qualifying taxpayers. Provides that a taxpayer qualifies for the refund if the taxpayer filed a resident tax return in the preceding year. Effective January 1, 2013, makes the threshold for use of excess reserves 12.5% (rather than 10%, under current law) of general revenue appropriations for the state fiscal year. Specifies that: (1) if the amount of the excess reserves, including any carryover amounts, are less than $50,000,000, the excess reserves shall be carried over to the next year; and (2) if the excess reserves are $50,000,000 or more, 50% of the excess reserves shall be transferred to certain pension funds and 50% of the excess reserves shall be used for the purposes of providing an automatic taxpayer refund. Provides that beginning in 2013, the office of management and budget shall calculate, after the end of each odd-numbered state fiscal year, the total amount of state reserves. Reestablishes the office of the secretary of family and social services and other divisions and offices within FSSA. Specifies that the authority of the secretary of family and social services or the office of Medicaid policy and planning to adopt an emergency rule concerning federal Medicaid waiver program provisions or federal programs administered by the office of the secretary expires on December 31, 2012. Provides for the expiration of rules adopted before January 1, 2013. Defines "parcel" for purposes of the statute allowing Little Calumet River basin development commission (commission) to levy a special assessment on parcels of land within the Little Calumet River and Burns Waterway watershed in Lake County. Specifies areas in which the commission may operate. Specifies the total amount of the loan repayment by the commission to the Northwest Indiana RDA. Provides that none of the four members from a unit that borders the Little Calumet River may be from the same municipality. Provides that the attorney general shall attempt to resolve before January 1, 2013, all claims and suits brought against the state or its employees for a death or injury occurring as the result of an accident at the 2011 state fair for an amount that, in the aggregate, does not exceed $11,000,000. Specifies the amount of relief that victims of the accident at the state fair may receive. Authorizes the attorney general to establish a process for determining the amount of compensation for persons who suffered physical injuries involving permanent paralysis or permanent physical trauma or requiring major and ongoing long-term care. Establishes the supplemental state fair relief fund for the purpose of providing additional relief to the victims of the accident. Appropriates $6,000,000 from the state general fund to the supplemental state fair relief fund. Caps attorney's fees for representation of an eligible person regarding compensation from the supplemental fund at 10% of the total compensation paid to the eligible person from the supplemental fund. Provides that an eligible person may assign to the attorney general the eligible person's right to pursue a cause of action for the tortious breach of an insurer's duty to deal with an insured person in good faith. Provides that if the insurance commissioner determines after a hearing that a person has committed an act that is listed as an unfair claim settlement practice and is related to a death or injury resulting from the accident at the 2011 state fair, the insurance commissioner may order certain remedies. Specifies that the insurance commissioner may take such action without having to demonstrate that the act or practice occurs with such frequency as to indicate a general practice by the person. Provides that neither a hospital nor an ambulance may place a lien on a distribution made from the supplemental state fair relief fund to a victim of the state fair accident. Prohibits an insurer from claiming subrogation or reimbursement rights with respect to a distribution made from the supplemental state fair relief fund. Requires a person who intends to challenge the constitutionality of the prohibition against asserting subrogation or other reimbursement rights to file written notice of the person's intent to challenge this prohibition not later than 40 days after a distribution is made from the supplemental state fair relief fund. Provides that distributions to the estates of persons whose death was caused by the accident at the state fair are exempt from inheritance tax. Permits augmentation of the appropriation for full-day kindergarten. Changes the amount distributed per child. Establishes the select commission on education to study: (1) the process of adoption and content of rules adopted by the Indiana state board of education concerning categories or designations of school improvement including the matrices used for the A-F designations; and (2) proposed rules, adopted rules, and policies of the department of education and the Indiana state board of education to implement the provisions of P.L.90-2011, concerning teacher evaluations and licensing. Makes changes to the process in which a school corporation may modify the department's model staff performance evaluation plan. Makes changes to the definition of a turnaround academy. Provides that if the state board assigns a special management team to a school, the state board shall enter into a contract with a special management team that includes: (1) a requirement that the special management team and the governing body conduct a public meeting two times each year to provide a report concerning student achievement of affected students; and the condition of the school property and to address issues related to the school property; and (2) a requirement that the student instruction must be provided by teachers licensed under IC 20-28-5. Provides that individual employed by the special management team are entitled to participate in either PERF or TRF. Provides that a employees are not required to collectively bargain. Returns IC 20-26-11-8, as amended by SEA 283-2012, to law existing before the enactment of SEA 283-2012.
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