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Senate Bill 0024

Senate Bill 0024

ARCHIVE (2012)

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DIGEST OF SB 24 (Updated February 28, 2012 12:57 pm - DI 84)

Mental health issues. Renames the "mental health and addiction advisory council" the "mental health and addiction planning and advisory council" and adds members to consolidate the current council with a body required by federal law. Repeals provisions concerning terms of appointed members and repeals a provision that applies general rules for family and social services administration bodies to the planning and advisory council. Removes a provision under which lay members of the commission on mental health and addiction are ineligible for per diem or traveling expenses. Provides that superintendents of state hospitals serve at the will of the director of the division of mental health and addiction and not for a term of four years. Removes provisions requiring bonds for superintendents of state operated facilities. Gives the director of the division of mental health and addiction instead of the superintendent of each hospital the authority to regulate smoking at state hospitals. Requires individuals applying for a social worker, marriage and family therapist, or counselor license to have a criminal history background check. Clarifies a provision that requires an applicant for a license as a marriage and family therapist to have two years of postdegere clinical experience. Reestablishes a provision that expired in 2011 concerning exempting certain individuals from the licensure requirement for addiction counselors. Repeals obsolete provisions concerning: (1) the dawn project; (2) the biennial opioid report; (3) the closing of Central State Hospital; (4) mandated bond requirements for superintendents of state hospitals; and (5) the definition of "maintain". Makes conforming changes. Urges the assignment to an interim committee the study of the regulation of pain management facilities and prescribers of controlled substances. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the commission on mental health and addiction.)
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